2XU (Two ‘Times’ you) is excited to announce our 2014 Official Compression Partnership with the Northern Mystics and Netball Northern. 2XU Compression gear is a significant part of the 2XU Range and offers pre, during competition and recovery benefits, which helps you to train smarter, perform stronger and recover faster!

Pre exercise? 2XU Compression improves circulation for a faster warm up. Graduated compression increases the blood circulation to the heart and lymph nodes for a faster, safer warm up period before exercise or competitions.

During exercise? 2XU Compression contains muscle fatigue & damage. The muscle is contained to reduce vibration, minimize damage and overall fatigue during exercise to enhance output.

Post exercise? 2XU Compression gives faster recovery with graduated pressure, increasing blood flow and shortens the recovery phase especially when sedentary. 2XU Compression also decreases muscle soreness with efficient removal of blood lactate from exercising muscles to reduce swelling and speeds overall muscle repair.

Travel? Wearing 2XU Compression during travel assists to protect from edema & blood clots.  Through heightened blood circulation, 2XU Compression helps reduce swelling in feet and ankles and lowers the risk of blood clots (deep vein thrombosis (DVT)).

2XU was created by two New Zealanders, Aidan Clarke and Jamie Hunt and is now based in Melbourne, Australia. Our philosophy is to create products, which will advance human performance. 2XU employs fabric and construction technology to take you beyond what you previously thought possible. 2XU is fast becoming the most technical performance sports brand on the planet. Worn by multiple world champions, endorsed by sports institutions the world over and praised by professional athletes from all disciplines, 2XU understands what is needed to be the best.

Developed by athletes for athletes.

In addition to compression 2XU can provide team and travel wear options for individual teams including jackets, tops, bras and general fitness training gear.

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