What motivates you?

At the end of the day we are trying to win, but for me it’s the opportunity to do something amazing with a great bunch of women.  something that very few people get to experience. It’s also about putting something out on court that we can be proud of regardless of results.


Do you have a pregame routine? 

Yes, my pregame is pretty set. We have a walkthrough in the morning then we all go for lunch as a team. Then for me, I usually try to get a nap in and just have some chill time before I eat again! 


What’s your favourite music to listen to pregame? 

Probably upbeat, but not too upbeat.It all depends what mood i’m in on the day. I like to start with something easy but when it gets time to get into game mode I like to pump it up!


How do you overcome pressure and stress on game day? 

Probably just sticking to a routine, I think for me, it’s better not to think about the game at all after we have had walkthrough in the morning. I like to switch my brain off for a while, even if it’s having a nap or just watching TV. Just anything to make sure I’m nice and refreshed when it comes to the game. 


Congratulations on playing 100 games! What does it mean to you? 

It means I’m old! No, I think it’s such a privilege to have done this and I’m so grateful that I have been able to do this for so long and I’m so thankful for everything netball has given me. 


If there are any kids out there suffering with pregame jitters what would you tell them ? 

I think the biggest thing I’ve found over the years is being ok with having nerves because it’s a totally normal part of not just playing sport, but being a person. As soon as you accept the fact that they’re there it doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re going to play and as long as you’re enjoying it then you’re going to be fine.