By Matt Manukuo

Pacific Media Network

3 May, 2024


Northern Mystics goal attack Filda Vui played her 50th game in the ANZ Championship in the side’s loss to the Tactix earlier this week.

From being an injury replacement player to holding a starting position for the Northern Mystics, goal attack Filda Vui is “proud” to achieve her 50th match.

Vui made her professional debut in 2020 as injury cover for the Mystics, and in 2021, was given a full-time contract with the side.

And on Monday night, Vui played her 50th match in the ANZ Premiership, a feat she says was “unreal”.

“It was pretty unreal getting that game underway! We haven’t had a home game in a while, so it was good to have our family back us up and really get the crowd going.

“Our own village, our own families and friends coming along too – it was just good to be home.”

Part of that village was Vui’s family – who she reflects on being a huge part in her journey as a professional netballer.

“It was a mix of emotions, I feel I was nervous and proud at the same time for my own journey.

“I moved (from Samoa) 20 years ago, and I was about 8 years old. I just remember coming over to aunties’ house and my whole family had to live in that one household.

“There were two families in one house, sharing a bedroom with my siblings. But yeah I’m just grateful for the journey, and for my mum making the sacrifice to come here for better opportunities.”

That sacrifice manifested in 2004, when Vui and her family moved from Samoa to West Auckland, where they have been based since. Vui champions her mother’s support during her career.

“My mother was a single parent raising us, so I’m grateful for her having to balance her life and balance us children. I have a netball mum as well, Katherine Henry, she would pick me up when my Mum was too busy – so she took me to training.

“We would do extras on the weekend as well! So (I’m) grateful for her time. My friends and teammates, management and the Mystics have all been supportive.

“They’ve chosen me and they’ve backed me every single year, so I’m grateful for them, and my village.”
Vui’s milestone match was part of an ANZ Premiership rematch between the reigning champions the Mystics and the Tactix. The Mystics went down 59 to 62 in an intense match.

Despite the result, Vui reflects on a proud moment for her career, hoping to inspire the next brown girl to play professionally.

“Usually you don’t see many brown girls in netball at this level, so I’m proud to be Samoan and playing at this level. We may look a bit different, a bit bigger and solid but knowing your values and worth, you are capable of doing great things.

“As long as you put a lot of work in, and trust the process, God will pave the way.”