It certainly makes for a long afternoon and travel day playing and losing an early afternoon game in Aussie. Lots of time to think about things. I will never write about a game for at least three days after, as being the emotional player that I am, it would be hard to write with a clear mind.

In a nut shell, our third quarter let us down and in the final quarter, we failed to capitalize on a great fight back. Mistakes were made by senior players (me included) and we paid for it.

Defensively, let’s be honest, it is generally not a feel good day at the office for any GK when you are playing the 6ft ers! But overall, I will definitely commend my teammates for the unit work that we created to put doubt into the feeders mind and make them work it around. Sure there were long bombs in, but overall I thought we made them work. We will build on this at training this week as playing Steel equals another tall ask.  Loving the way that Temalisi is coming on in games!

Always healthy to have someone nipping at your heals for your spot! (Eeek!) Work on’s for me are to control reaction to umpire calls…………… and I guess adjust to being nowhere near my partner. Discipline on my marking of the shot and CONTROL when we get a turn over. I have managed to throw away balls immediately after we get the turnover in both games.  Grrrrrr!

So off to Invercargill we go on Saturday after some very focused training today and Friday.

Thanks to our amazing supporters that are with us through thick and thin! Tune in on Sunday Sky Sport, Ch. 51 at 7.20pm


Cheers, Scar


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