Development Players


Lavinia Vaitohi

Nickname: Nia
Place of Birth St Helens
Year of Birth 1990
Playing Positions/Role GA, GS, WA
Previous Positions When I started playing netball I played defence
Occupation Mother
Netball Career Highlights Training partner for Mystics 2012
Age Started Playing 7 Year old at Edendale Primary School
Training Tip for Young Players Listen to instructions, Learn the skills and practice till you can do the skill in your sleep
Best thing about Playing Netball Playing with and against the best. Meeting players that you looked up too when I was young
Previous National Squads NZSS 2008
Other Interests Love hanging with family and friends also playing other sports
Favourite TV Show Keeping up with the Kardashians, Sky sport, Footy show
Favourite Movie Hobbit movie at the moment
Favourite Music Love Raggae and a bit of hip hop
Favourite Holiday Destination Back to my roots. Where my parents came from. The friendly island Tonga
Favourite Weekend Breakfast Cereal and toast
Favourite Food Love all foods
Role Models/Heroes My Mother, for the hardworking she has provide for me and my siblings and her grandkids

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Jessica Bourke

Nickname: Bourkey
Place of Birth Auckland
Ethnic Origin Half Kenyan, half NZ European
Height 1.83cm
Playing Positions/Role GD,GK
Occupation Student
Netball Career Highlights MaristCollege Prems, NPC, Mystics Training Partner, NZSS, NZ U21
Age Started Playing 8 Years old
Training Tip for Young Players "Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game." - Michael Jordan
Best thing about Playing Netball Meeting new people and making friends for life, winning
Previous National Squads NZSS, NZ U21, NZ Emerging Talent
Other Interests Baking Food, Cooking Food, Eating Food
Hobbies/Pastimes Hanging with friends, skating, rapping...haha
Favourite TV Show Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars
Favourite Movie Anything really :)
Favourite Music Ahhhh omg I like too much music to narrow it down! But to name a FEW... Lana Del Ray, Angus & Julia Stone, A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, Azealia Banks
Favourite Holiday Destination Woolleys Bay, Tutukaka Coast
Favourite Weekend Breakfast French Toast with maple syrup yoghurt, berries and banana
Favourite Food Mexican!!
Role Models/Heroes Mum and Dad for being awesome :)

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